Triple Grip Shoulder Mount Camera Stablizier

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This awesome stabilizer has a portable foldable design, letting you carry it around easily. It has many 1/4'' screws for LCD monitor, LED lights, Microphone or other accessories. It has a non-slip rest pad on all hand grips which are rotatable and adjustable. Very easy to shoot smooth videos with it. Made from metal and sponge material for convenient, easy work!
    1. Double-handle allows shooting more stabilization
    2. Small foldable design that you can carry it around easily
    3. Transformable design for different shooting style
    4. Extendable rear arm
    5. A lot of 1/4" screws for LCD monitor, Light, Mic or other accessories mounting
    6. All hand grips and joint are rotatable and adjustable
    7. Non-slip rest pad on all hand grips 
    8. Weight: 1080g
    9. Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 85 mm (Folded)
    How to use:
    • You can mount 7.0" or 11.0" arm onto it and then mount lighting or Monitor to use with your DV and DSLR camera. (7", 11" arm, LED light, DV/Camera in photos are not included)
    • Every joint is rotatable and adjustable,portable.Small size that is good for carrying.
    • Extend the rear arm for shoulder support
    • Adjust to use as one hand DV/Camera set,it can suit the way you needed.

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