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Let's be honest here, most of the times you don't use the everslightly dissapearing aux outlet.
While some phones still keep it on, that doesn't mean you will use it all the time! Why not use it all the time with pluging this simple little phone gadget! The AUX button is very simple and useful! It plugs right in your badboy and all of the sudden you have a new button to use for whatever!In your phone there will be a menu where you'll be able to customize what the button will be used for! Don't miss this awesome gadget and get yours now!
  • The iKey is a smart button for android smartphones which can be inserted into the headphone jack. While inserted, it functions as an extra button to perform actions and set short-cuts such as opening email/apps, turning flash light on/off, taking pictures, voice recording and more...
  • Each iKey comes with a QR code which can be used to download and install the app to customise the ikey to perform various actions and preset gestures to start your favourite functions quickly
  • iKey is compatible with apps such as Klick, 360, Xiasomi, Ukey and Pressy
  • iKey also prevents dust from accumulating in the headphone jack and can be used as a dust-proof plug
  • iKey can be clipped on to a wire/lead when iKey is taken out and audio jack is being used for headphones etc
  • Just plug into the 3.5mm earphone jack, set your own shortcuts in seconds

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